Need Guidance setting up your new business?

Our online course provides you with EVERYTHING you will need to start your own business in just 12 weeks!

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Want to start a new business? 

Confused about where to start?

Want to learn the business fundamentals on a flexible, online course?

Need practical advice and support of someone who has done this all before?

This programme includes answers to all of these questions and much more! 

I have faced some tough business challenges over the years when setting up my businesses. I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. I want to share that knowledge to make it easier for you.  Setting up a new business or running an existing one should be exciting and enjoyable, that's why we do it right?  

Though a series of weekly video trainings, bonus materials and homework assignments, l will guide you through the business fundamentals, so you can enjoy the excitement of being a successful business owner, focus on your clients and making money.

What will you get?

  • Clarity on your reasons for being a business owner

  • A business model that is set up for success 

  • Skills you need to set and achieve your business goals

  • How to sell, what to sell and who to sell to

  • How to manage your time and be more productive

  • Manage your business finances effectively

Course Ciriculum:

  • Week 1 - Align Your Business to Your Values

  • Week 2 - Manage Your Time, Be Productive, Self Care

  • Week 3 - Defining Your Business - in detail

  • Week 4 - Your ideal client and how to reach them?

  • Week 5 - It's all about the money, the money....!

  • Week 6 - Vision A Reality - create a mood board

  • Week 7 - Branding for Your Business

  • Week 8 - How to sell your services or products

  • Week 9 - Marketing and Advertising Strategies

  • Week 10 - How to launch your business!

  • Week 11 - Targets and Goals - Future Expansion

  • Week 12 - Final Week - we recap, revisit and some final touches to set you on your successful way!

What’s Included

  • 12 x Weekly Video Trainings

  • 12 x Weekly Home Work Assignments

  • 5 x Bonus Material Documents

  • Access to a private Facebook Group

  • Life time Access to the course

  • Listen and learn anytime….

All you need to KICK START Your Business….

“The Kick Start your business was a game changer for me and my new start up. It helped me focus on the important elements week by week. Thank you Claire!”

Louise Jackson