Our corporate services are designed to support women in the workplace.

Services include:

  • Design and delivery of unique on-site workshops for both women and men

  • Executive coaching

  • 1:1 staff coaching

  • Strategic counsel on internal initiatives e.g. mentoring programmes

  • Company off-sites and retreats

  • Assessment and advice on company strategies and policies

Topics include:

  • Navigating a male dominated workplace

  • Negotiation skills and being more assertive at work

  • Creating a strong personal brand at work

  • How to have challenging conversations

  • Being authentic at work

  • Gender bias - understanding what it is and how to navigate around it

Through our corporate workshops and coaching, your female employees will learn how they can balance being authentic and aligned with their values in a competitive environment, which will ultimately lead to a more satisfying career and better performance.

We mentor your workforce on a variety of topics including effective time management and how to seek out support. We also advise Senior Management on how to bring about equality in the workplace.

My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed the first of a series of workshops to ‘Support Women in the Workplace’. The workshops are facilitated by Claire, from Right Point. Claire’s style has the right amount of liveliness and calmness which means people feel comfortable sharing their stories as it creates a feeling of intimacy in the group. The practical tips and insights provided by Claire to deal with various situations in the workplace were priceless. I would highly recommend Claire and I look forward to our future workshops with her.
— Director, Commercial and Global Bank (Zürich, Switzerland)