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start-up/small business

We give you the practical tools and confidence you need to bring your ideas to life.

Services include:

  • Review of your business finances/marketing/operations

  • Brainstorming sessions to refine your idea

  • 1:1 consultations

  • Online programmes

 Our personal and online programmes are specifically designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to make your business successful in the shortest amount of time. We will work on all of the business fundamentals that set your business up for success.

You will discover what makes your business unique and stand out from the competition. Step-by-step, you will become crystal clear about your target audience and learn proven methods to attract them to your business!



Our corporate services are designed to support women in the workplace.

Services include:

  • In-house interactive workshops

  • 1:1 staff consultations

  • Company off-sites and retreats

  • Assessment and advice on company strategies and policies

Through our corporate workshops and coaching, your female employees will learn how they can balance being authentic and aligned with their values in a competitive environment, which will ultimately lead to a more satisfying career and better performance.

We mentor your workforce on a variety of topics including effective time management and how to seek out support. We also advise Senior Management on how to bring about equality in the workplace.


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online course for startups

We provide a flexible way or learning everything you need for your small business.

Course include:

  • Clarity on your reasons for being a business owner

  • A business model that is set up for success 

  • Skills you needachieve your business goals

  • How to sell, what to sell and who to sell to

  • How to manage your time and be more productive

  • Manage your business finances effectively



A guiding hand to lead you through a career change or transition

Services include:

  • Helping you figure out your dream job

  • Working on mindset and removing mental blocks to going after your dream job

  • Get clean on your strength

  • Guiding you on how to position a career break

  • CV review and rewrite

  • Linkedin profile review and rewrite

  • Networking and job search strategy

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other services

We assess each of our client’s needs individually and together we decide which services are best suited to you and your business.

Some other sample services are listed below:

> Gaining the Confidence to Build Resilience

> Introducing Mindfulness into Your Work

> Time Management Skills to Find Balance